Excelling In Business Technology.

Welcome To Purple Quantum

We are dedicated team of professionals with combined work experience of more than 15yrs working in top companies like Apple Inc, JP Morgan Chase and various other US government agencies. We want to bring our expertise in building enterprise level application to general public in affordable cost without compromising in quality.

Main Services

We want to bring the power of latest Information Technology to help you grow your business. ducimus sequi animi.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software is expensive to build but we work with you to offer best and reliable software to meet your need. We focus not only on building the application but our approach is to educate you and show you various possibilites that will help promote the business.

Mobile App Development

We help you build your dream mobile application using latest and greatest technologies that's available in the market. We take full responsibilities of developing, testing, releasing and maintaing your app.

Web Applications

World is moving into web technologies and why you shouldn't. We are experienced in understanding your business need and designing and developing right application that your business and your customers can enjoy.

More Services

Our promise is to provide you not only a functioning application but to build you reliable, secure and robost application that you can rely and depend on.

Design & Prototyping

We have excellent team of designers and business analyts who will work with you to turn your requirements into beautiful application with great usability and reliability.

Extremely Flexible

Our team follows agile approach and we are ready to adapt any changes that your business requires in the application

Latest Technologies

We love latest technologies and we are always improving our software development stack to be at the current market standard.

Free Updates

We understand that business has to change over time and so does the application. We work with you to provide free updates to your applications.

Great Support

We constantly monitor your application 24/7 for any issue that might occur and our support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have.

Full Of Features

We provide more than what you ask for. Since, our approach to software development is very modular, we can offer an application pack full of features that you enjoy and love for free.

Our Team

Pankaj Shrestha
CEO / Co-Founder

Pankaj Shrestha is a very successful entrepreneur with very rich background in Information Technology and Business. He is very passionate and cheerful person who brings in this company vision to help excel business with art and science of Information Technology.

Anuj Malla
CTO / Co-Founder

Anuj Malla is a very talented and experienced Software Architect who has worked in many reputable companies like Apple, JP Morgan Chase and US Government agencies. He is academically well verse in the field of Computer Science and has substantial years of experience in designing enterprise level custom applications.